Kibworth Open HFT Rnd 6 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by stillwater, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. stillwater

    stillwater Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    Yet another great day at Kibworth, with just enough wind to catch you out.
    Thanks to Rob and Steve for setting another fantastic course, they seem to get better very time;)
    Graham Knighton is begining to make the Open series look quiet intresting with yet another 100% making it two on the trot and starting to close the gap on the current leader Chris Cundey.

    In the recoiling section Steve Prime is starting to show some of his old form now that he has got his trusty 99 back but he will have to go some to catch the mighty impressive Roger Dyson who made it five 100% out of six putting in an impressive 55 that included a doughnut:eek:
    In the Junior section young Greg Hensman seems to be striding away with the series gaining his 5th 100% of the season.
    Thanks to everyone that is taking part in our series and making it so exciting and enjoyable
    We look forward to seeing you at the next one.

    Results Below

    David Chapman 22 50 100.000 Gold
    Lloyd Grove 22 29 58.000
    Greg Hensman Junior 50 100.000 Gold
    Evan Grove Junior 41 82.000 Bronze
    Dan Newell Junior 15 30.000
    Graham Knighton Open 57 100.000 Gold
    Les Young Open 57 100.000 Gold
    Chris Cundey Open 55 96.491 Gold
    Danny Webb Open 55 96.491 Gold
    Phil Russell Open 55 96.491 Gold
    John Smith Open 54 94.737 Gold
    Greg Hensman Open 53 92.982 Gold
    Bruce Marshall Open 53 92.982 Gold
    Tony Haas Open 52 91.228 Silver
    Paul Foyle Open 52 91.228 Silver
    Jamie Chapman Open 52 91.228 Silver
    Neil Price Open 52 91.228 Silver
    Anne Russell Open 51 89.474 Silver
    Andy Varden Open 50 87.719 Silver
    Bob Farthing Open 50 87.719 Silver
    Marie Webb Open 49 85.965 Silver
    Daniel Turner Open 49 85.965 Silver
    Andrea Marshall Open 48 84.211 Silver
    Paul Cunningham Open 47 82.456 Bronze
    Bob Skidmore Open 45 78.947 Bronze
    D Rand Open 45 78.947 Bronze
    Ruth Silvey Open 41 71.930
    Phil Hale Open 34 59.649
    Roger Dyson Recoiling 55 100.000 Gold
    Levi Hawthorn Recoiling 55 100.000 Gold
    Steve Chapman Recoiling 54 98.182 Gold
    Lloyd Upton Recoiling 53 96.364 Gold
    Steve Whiting Recoiling 49 89.091 Gold
    Steve Prime Recoiling 47 85.455 Silver
    Kathy Thompson Recoiling 47 85.455 Silver
    Bob Clay Recoiling 46 83.636 Silver
    Sarah Prime Recoiling 45 81.818 Silver
    Peter Foreman Recoiling 45 81.818 Silver
    Mark Thompson Recoiling 43 78.182 Silver
    Tom Silver Recoiling 40 72.727 Bronze
    Bernard Harris Freestyle 39 100.000
    Will Gabbott Freestyle 34 87.179
  2. chink

    chink New Member

    Aug 9, 2009
    i cant believe i shot crap greg and still got 54:eek: god help me at anston:eek::eek:

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