Kibworth Bench Rest 2014 - Help for Heroes

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Time for this years Kibworth bench rest competition.

    Same format as last year. Please take time to re-read the rules (available in the shop).

    Kibworth Bench Rest Competition 2014 Dates

    Saturday 3rd May – Friday 16th May
    Saturday 17th May – Friday 30th May
    Saturday 31st May – Friday 13th June
    Saturday 14th June – Friday 4th July
    Saturday 5th July – Friday 18th July
    Saturday 19th July – Friday 1st August
    Saturday 2nd August – Friday 15th August
    Saturday 16th August – Friday 29th August
    Saturday 30th August – Friday 19th September
    Saturday 20th September – Friday 3rd October

    Overall winner decided on best 6 scores.

    Rules and entry cards available in the shop.

    As last year entry is £1. All proceeds to Help for Heroes.


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