Kibworth 25 yard Bench rest competition - Help for heroes

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    The first round has started, club range will be open after the hft on the 12th.

    The competition dates are listed below.

    As last year, each round will run for appropriately two weeks with the Kibworh HFT competitions falling on the middle weekends. This is a 'self service' event where you can shoot at any time within the dates, however Richard or I will set up the benches and target for an hour or so after each HFT event.

    The format is ten rounds with the best six scores to count.

    Entry is £1 per round and target card can be collected from the shop, Richard will usually be on site to help out and witness cards.
    All proceeds will go to Help for Heroes so feel free to give more. Last each we raised £190 which I managed to double to £380 through my employers matched donation scheme. There will be a section on the entry form to fill out if you wish to make your 'Donation' a gift aid donation to enable H4H to reclaim tax

    Please visit our web site for information on all event and dates for kibworth events.

    Kibworth Bench Rest Competition 2012 Dates
    5th May – 18th May
    19th May – 1st June
    2nd June – 15th June
    16th June – 6th July
    7th July – 20th July
    21st July – 3rd August
    4th August – 17th August
    18th August – 31st August
    1st September – 14th September
    15th September – 30th September
    8th December Presentation

    Good luck to you all,


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