Kibby Open HFT Rnd 4 Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by stillwater, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. stillwater

    stillwater Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    A Rather hot and sticky day at Kibby today with just enough wind to make it a rather tricky course.
    Thanks to all that came along and made it such a succesful day it was good to see so many of the MAD crowd trying Kibby for the first time.

    Results below
    Simon Vant Open 58
    Ricky Downing Open 56
    Martyn Foodsall Open 55
    Dop Open 55
    Alan Moss Open 53
    Wayne Marriott Open 52
    Paul Cunningham Open 52
    Steve Chapman Open 52
    Mick McTighe Open 52
    Nicky Pearson Open 51
    Lloyd Grove Open 51
    Shaun Eustance Open 51
    Dave Cadman Open 51
    Darren Quincey Open 51
    Steve Griggs Open 51
    Patrick Conroy Open 51
    Levi Hawthorn Open 51
    Richard Moroz Open 50
    Jonathan Pearson Open 50
    Bruce Marshall Open 50
    Nigel Smith Open 50
    Geoff Ryder Open 50
    Ian Houghton Open 50
    Andy Varden Open 50
    Dave Bowles Open 49
    Tony Hass Open 49
    Ian Gregory Open 49
    Andrea Marshall Open 49
    Jon Roper Open 49
    Phil Russell Open 49
    Jamie Chapman Open 48
    Paul Foyle Open 47
    Mick Goss Snr Open 46
    Ken Gould Open 45
    Jez Ashby Open 45
    Steve Catch Open 45
    Steve Hesp Open 43
    Paul Brittain Open 39
    Dave Chapman 22 55
    Bob Skidmore 22 48
    Lloyd 22 47
    John Greaves 22 45
    Steve Whiting 22 45
    Roger Dyson Recoil 52
    Dan Turner Recoil 49
    Chris Holmes Recoil 46
    Andy Conroy Recoil 45
    Mark Thompson Recoil 43
    Bob Clay Recoil 43
    Craig Kendrick Recoil 43
    Kathy Thompson Recoil 41
    Paul Spencer Recoil 40
    Charlotte Tomkins Recoil 37
    Andrew Tomkins Recoil 33
    Mick Goss Jnr Recoil 32
    Chris Jackson Recoil 30
    Dave Pughe Recoil 23
    Adam Ward Jnr 48
    Will Ashby Jnr 47
    Greg Hensman Jnr 46
    Evan Grove Jnr 46
    Mark Smith Jnr 42
    Dan Newell Jnr 38
    Tom Roper Jnr 34
    Murray Stewart Jnr 33
    Luke Kendrick Jnr 31
    Brad Pughe Jnr 18
    Anne Russell Freestyle 48
    Greg Hensman DNF
    Andy Wilkinson DNF
    Telford Redden DNF
    Bernard Harris DNF
    Jen DNF
  2. DarrenQ

    DarrenQ New Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    Basildon, Essex
    Kiby today

    Don't ever let your wife near your rifle before a shoot, more damage done in one small knock over than i would care to mention thanks to Nick and Dave for their plank and rock skills, roll on tmrw at Tawd think we are back on track, will bring a mat next time though my elbows and knees are dead, will be back though thanks to all involved today.

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2010

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