Kibby Marksman Rnd 6 sat 8th Sept Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by stillwater, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. stillwater

    stillwater Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    A near perfect day for shooting at Kibby today.
    We are in the process of looking at the Marksman series and looking to see if it is a little to difficult?
    We did try to make it slightly easier this month so your thoughts on this years series would be appreciated, either positive or negative we will look at all comments and take them onboard in a constructive manner.
    Results below
    All scores done on count back
    Dave Goldsberry 55
    Evan Grove 55
    Grego Hensman 54
    Bob Farthing 53
    Kathy Thompson 53
    Kevin Gaunt 53
    Anne Higgins 53
    Jamie Chapman 52
    Gavin Howling 52
    Paul Wiles 51
    Phil Bennett 51
    Michelle Pullen 51
    Greg Hensman 51
    Andy Wilkinson 51
    Wayne Marriott 50
    Phil Russell 49
    Pete Dunn 49
    Chris Duplock 49
    Craig Sargeant 49
    Simon Howarth 48
    Paul Brittain 46
    MattFurlong 46
    Phil Hatcher 46
    Neil Price 45
    Lloyd Grove 40
    Paul Andrews 36
    Hannah Underwood 35
    Richard Macefield 26

    Mark Thompson 50
    Bob Clay 41
    Andy Cotterill 37
    Gary Duplock 37
    TIM Harris 28

    James Howling 39
    George Hardy 36
    Ben Cotterill 34
    Joshua Wiles 33
    Kit Jackson 27

    Simon Harrison 50
    David Chapman 43
    Will Gabbott 27
    Thanks once again to everyone that took part and if you could let us have your feed back it would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. pwiles1968

    pwiles1968 Member

    Jan 21, 2012
    No problems here with the course another great one Greg the doughnut was my fault did not check the string and shot the wrong target :eek:, not personally a fan of the 50 plus yarders but that is because I am bad at judging them :D, quite like the shots you need to take indirect, make you think about it a bit, really would not want it too easy, missing annoys me as I am sure it does everyone but would rather have a challenge than be bored.
  3. Dave g

    Dave g Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    Cracking course today really enjoyed it plenty of variety and a couple of shots that you had to come off the peg for.
    I think this years courses have been more difficult than last years, typically last year there was only one target past 45yds & this year on most courses there have been about 3 past 45yds and this year has also seen the addition of the 8mm & 10mm kills which you didn't use today but which I personally enjoy shooting.
    Also this year up until today the Kibby wind has been an absolute bitch.
    The way I see it you can either:
    1. leave as is.
    2. Base it on current UKAHFT format but with the following changes : have 1 x 15mm out to 30yds, 1 x 20mm out to 35yds, 1 x 35mm out to 50yds & then 1 x 40mm out to 60yds and probably throw in an 8mm or 10mm out to 25yds.. At least with a format people will know what ranges kill sizes can go out to.
    3. Replace all of your 35mm kills with 40mm kills don't go past 45yds & hope that the Kibby wind kicks in.
    Just my thoughts.
    Thanks to Chelle & Wayne for the company today and well done to Mark & Simon with cracking 50's recoiling & .22, well done to the 2 young guns Ev & Grego.

  4. bigmanaviator

    bigmanaviator Member

    Dec 2, 2009
    selby north yorks
    Brill day today, the wind pixies were very kind to us this morning.
    Greg, just leave the Marksman as is, it keeps everyone on there toes.

  5. pwiles1968

    pwiles1968 Member

    Jan 21, 2012
    Dave had a good suggestion there about having some rules about size and distance, might make range finding (guessing) a bit better, but on the negative side would take longer to set up.

    My vote is to leave it as is but bring back the 10mm kills. ;)

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