Kibby Marksman Rnd 4 Results

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Another windy day at Kibby:eek:.
    Thanks to everyone that came along.
    All scores done on count back.

    Simon Howarth 54
    Pete Dutton 51
    Pete Sparks 51
    Paul Andrews 50
    Tim Siddons 48
    Greg Hensman 48
    Chris Duplock 47
    Ross Young 47
    Kev Gaunt 47
    Lloyd Grove 46
    Gavin Howling 45
    Neil Price 44
    Pete Dunn 43
    Mick Goss Snr 43
    Andy Dickson 42
    Dave Smith 42
    David Willis 41
    Evan Grove 41
    Clive Evans 39
    Wayne Marriott 39
    Paul Brittain 39
    Joe Starmer 38
    Grego Hensman DNF

    Mark Thompson 47
    Bob Clay 46
    Anne Higgins 42
    Phil Russell 42
    Gary Duplock 38
    Will Gabbott 28

    Brynn Evans 38
    James Howling 37
    Luke Willis 37
    Kit Jackson 36
    Elliott Reed 31

    Kathy Thompson 47
    Jenny Howling 47
    Theresa Reed 45

    Simon Harrison 45
    Tim Harris 38
    Bonus Bunny was a 25mm at 57.5yds
    Two people managed to knock it down
    Grego Hensman and Tim Siddons,
    Tim went on to win the shoot off with some cracking shooting knocking all three targets down to take the £40.
    Hope to see you all at the next Round.

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