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Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by greyskullnz, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Attending a trade show to help out and raise funds recently I was looking for somewhere to eat in the City Centre in the evenings. Stumbled upon this lovely Pub, located in an old converted Council Toilet........

    Honest......... I am not "extracting the urine",.....I can recommend the Pub and Host to anyone visiting NZ.




    The inside is festooned with Rugby memorabilia and Welsh flags of every size and shape.

    I warmed myself up with a bowl of Cawl, while Jo Howard the host rattled on about some fella called Bryn Terfel singing there recently........

    So just so you know there is a little bit of home here for you should you want to visit New Zealand.....

  2. NJR 100

    NJR 100 Because I`m AWESIME !!

    Aug 10, 2009
    Avon Hawks, Tondu, Oaktree
    Could be handy for the Worlds in NZ?

    How much is B&B
  3. greyskullnz

    greyskullnz Non member

    For the Rugby World Cup, some places are charging up to $1200NZ a night........(approx 400 GBP)

    But by the time our turn rolls around it will be cheaper again. Cannot give you an exact price, but generally`it would be a bit cheaper than in the UK.

    The most popular way to see the Country is in a hire campervan. Public transport exists, is safe, but is not great. Driving yourself is usually the best way to get around or to out of the way places.


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