IROSA Compensator- Improves accuracy ?

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    NOTE: This is a rimfire .22 compensator (would it be suitable for air rifles ? - its also what I should have asked)

    ...Had a chance to finally go through IROSA's web site...and they have what I think may be a good fit on the end of a FT/HFT shooting rig, even though the Compensator is advertised as a pistol compensator...

    Diameter of your gun barrel must be: 15mm, 14mm, or 13mm wondering with Steyr LG110 in 0.177, how to overcome the little barrel space, due to the air cylinder below...and slip this compensator on :confused:

    Read below...

    IROSA PROFI line Ti600 - small compensator big impact

    The compensator Ti600 significantly reduced for Free pistols hit the circle of the shot image

    Then come shooting athletes in the Olympics a bit closer: with uniform Transitional ballistics by our professional compensators Ti600! The compensator Ti600 absorbs the air vortex in front of and behind the projectile exits the gun barrel. This leads to a more stable trajectory of the projectile. What makes the shooting accuracy greatly increases.
    The measured scattering circle is reduced by up to 80 percent (measured at clamped weapon).

    The compensator is mounted on the barrel instead of the grain carrier. It has a standard diameter of 15mm. About Distance Rings can we reduce the diameter to 14 or 13 mm. The compensator must be safe for one stop, 25 mm slide on the barrel. At this point, can not run the conical tapered.

    For ease of cleaning can be the front breech screw from the expansion joint.

    Technical details:
    •Length: 135 mm
    •Diameter (outside):25mm
    •Inndurchmesser (mobile recording): 15 mm (14mm, 13mm)
    •Laufeinstecktiefe: 25 mm
    •Korn Height: 4.5 mm
    •Front sight: Standard 5 mm (3.5-4.5 mm available)
    •Weight: 100 g
    ◦toz 35
    ◦toz mc55
    ◦most models Hämmerli
    ◦all other free pistols with a barrel that is at the mouth of 25mm long cylindrical and has a diameter of 13mm, 14mm or 15mm.
    •Delivery: Compensator Ti600, grain, instruction manual
    •Accessories: Grain increase

    NB: Price > Euro 180 from German web site shop - about GBP 160

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