Introducing Field Target Team USA's Web Site & Video from Crosman Match

Discussion in '2013 Events' started by Thepointman, Jul 15, 2013.

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    We had a great weekend at Crosman shooting the Northeast Regional Field Target match. A big thanks to the "A" Team of Ray and Hans Apelles, Crosman Corporation and the competitors that came out to support the event. This match had an international flavor with Team USA competing against Team Canada and Team Venezuela. With that in mind, I would like to introduce the new Field Target Team USA web site.

    We have been working on building a better organized team from the USA so that we can continue to grow WFTF in the USA and compete at a top level around the world. In doing so, early on we have recognized the need for a web site to keep everyone up to date with what we have going on. You can view our new web site at:

    It is our desire to introduce you to the 2013 team shooters that will be going to Ebern, Germany next month. We hope to also add helpful tips, information, product reviews and resources to the web site from time to time. Finally, we will be posting photographs, video and match reports that team members compete in to help keep everyone up to date on how Team USA is fairing around the world.

    We are currently editing video and posting pics to the Team web site from the Northeast Regional Field Target match in New York. We have one video up now and hope that each of you will go to our site and take a look: (click Videos)

    Thanks for all of your support and it was great seeing everyone at Crosman this past weekend. We look forward to more exciting events to come in the near future!

    Take care,

    Harold Rushton
  2. poison dwarf

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    Mar 9, 2009
    tondu /quarry
    Nice site.
    You will be having a "World Series" next ;)

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