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  1. AndyIoW

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Over the weekend my club decided to have a 'random' chrono check of all air weapons used on the range. This is something that we are going to do 2 or 3 times over the year probably start and middle of Summer and Octoberish. It's not to catch anyone out but give them all a little piece of mind.

    Now for the interesting bits.
    1, If the pellet is loose in the barrel of a springer it has a higher fps.
    2, Some models of rifle can shoot the same fps no matter what the pellet.
    3, Even if the fps variation is consistant does not equate to accuracy. 10fps variation = 1"+ at 30yds.
    4, Longer barrels are more effective in a PCP.
    5, How you hold a springer can vary the ft/lbs by up to 0.3.
    6, Springer do go up in power as they settle down. HW97 = 10.8 November last year. Weekend = 11.6.
    7, New rifles are on average about 10.5 ft/lbs.
    8, Always carry a list of the pellets and weights because someone will be using an unsual one i.e. marksman :rolleyes:

    There were a couple of rifles very close to the limit ad we did advise them of it
  2. Adam

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Redfearns & the UBC
    Interesting results Andy.

    I've known this for about a year, since I read something about it on the Pyramidair blog and did a little testing of my own. I found the "artillery hold" always gave an increase in power over the death grip, and I found this was true for my HW97K, my HW80K and pistols: HW45 and Webley Tempest.

    Now I'm not bad at the geeky science bits but I can't think of an explanation for that one!

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