Horsham Hawks Winter Series - Round 4: Sunday 9th February 2014 - The Results!!

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by pjacobs, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Well done everyone and very many thanks to all who turned up for the final round of the Horsham Hawks Winter Series today at Horsham. The wind was challenging but at least it stayed dry.

    Please find below the results, published in the usual format. Any errors are mine alone and if you would be kind enough to ‘ping me’ a note, I will make any necessary corrections. I have posted the ‘prize-winner results’ separately; and will ensure that the spreadsheet detailing scores and percentages for the whole series is completed and published within the next few days

    Bob Pattenden 52
    Chris Tyhurst 49
    Tony Archer 49
    Steve Light 49
    Mike Byford 48
    Nigel Wheel 48
    Jon Fairman 47
    Phil Jacobs 47
    Simon Williams 46
    Eric Bynum 46
    Mick Maynard 46
    Richard Woods 46
    Chris Silcock 46
    Andy Simpson 45
    Kim Lum 45
    Peter Pacer 45
    Tas Violaris 44
    Lewis Hodges 42
    Charles Peal 39
    Simon Whittick 39
    Phil Moody 38
    Gary Morrison 36
    Graham Sinclair 35
    Nigel Swainbank 34
    Nathan Roberts 34
    Dean Stride 33

    Recoiling / .22
    Roy Pearce 43
    Nick Botting 41
    Nigel Tostevin 41
    Peter Gribben 32
    Bradley Holger 29
    Conrad Wells 20

    Rudy Goldslade 47

    Jenny Stone 48
    Barbara Pearce 33

    Horsham Hawks looks forward to running a similar competition at the end of this year. I look forward to seeing you all then, if not before!

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