Horsham Hawks HFT open shoot 19/05/13

Discussion in 'Calender Events' started by hawk1, May 12, 2013.

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    May 28, 2009
    Harsham Hawks HFT
    Horsham Hawks HFT open shoot 19/05/13

    After 2 days of backbreaking work on our access road and car park with 30 tones of hardcore, I would like to thank

    those Hawks that came along to help this old man get the job done. Its good to have members that want to make their club work.

    And if you have to put the work in rather than having it handed to you, you appreciate it all the more.

    OK with that over

    We would like to invite all our friends along next week to help christen the car park and of course shoot HFT

    no need to PM me just turn up and enjoy.

    Gates open at 8.00am booking in from 8.30 shoot stating when we are ready, around 9.30/10.00

    Free tea and coffee

    Good luck to anyone going to the nationals.

    Hope to see you next week.



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