Horsham All Standing results

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    5teve L STOP ! HAMMER TIME !

    Apr 16, 2009
    Horsham, West Sussex.
    The Oaks & Horsham hawks
    Horsham All Standing results

    Thanks to all that made it, it was always going to be challenging but it was still enjoyable I hope.

    Nick Botting 49
    Matt Smith 47
    Derek Watson 44
    Steve Light 42
    Cliff Hill 41
    Simon (oopps forgot his last name) 38
    Martin Crerar 36 R
    Les Gunther 35

    I know Les & I were tied for the most doughnuts on 4 a piece

    The few that remained did an all kneeling comp just after & the scores were:

    Steve Light 56
    Derek Watson 49
    Simon 39
    Les Gunther 34 (all standing again)

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