Hollings Green HFTC results 15/05/2011

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Big Si, May 16, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
    We had a 30 shot course set out on Sunday, thanks to Ken and Connor for all your hard work. There were ten shots prone, ten shots kneeling and ten standing. The wind and a spot or two of rain helped out know end!:p Thanks to all those who took part, a very enjoyable day was had by all. A big mention to Glynn for all the sausage and onion cobs and the teas mate, we could not have kept going without you.;)

    1. Mick Mctighe 48(open)
    2. Matt Ford 47(open)
    3. Richard Arern 45(open)
    4. Si Belcher 44(open)
    5. Ed belcher 41(14-16)
    6. Andy Gascoine 40(open)
    7. Richard Harley 39(open)
    8. Ken Gould 39(open)
    9. Connor Ford 38(14-16)
    10. Dave Martin 37(Recoiling)

    A mention must be made about Nigel Smiths new hydroscopic Styer, Nigel didn t want to get it out of the gun bag just in case it swelled up in the rain!:D

    ATB Si Belcher.

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