HFT Malta Nationals Season 2010-11

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    I think I originally posted this in the wrong forum so here it goes again :D

    These are the dates for next season's HFT Malta Nationals.

    14th November
    9th January
    13th February
    14th May Round 1
    15th May Round 2

    This is the first time we will be organizing HFT events as Nationals. The first 3 events will be used as qualifiers for shooters to take part in next years HFT Wrolds. All points from the first three events will be counted and top shooters will be eligable to represent Malta. Still to be decided how many shooters as a team we will be able to send.

    After the Worlds, the best 2 out of the first 3 events of a shooters results will be accounted for together with the final 2 rounds in May to have a final HFT Malta Nationals Champion.

    Hope our format does not sound too complicated

    I know some members on here asked about next seasons dates as they were interested in coming over for one of our shoots.............and here they are
    I am in contact with the Malta authorities to find out what necessary documents are needed to get an air rifle over to Malta if some of you are still interested to come over for one of our HFT events. Should not be much of a hassle though.

    We usually decide on events dates for the season around September/October after the FT Worlds but I did my best to push forward with the club committee the new calendar much earlier this time.

    I know it's only 5 HFT shoots but we have to cater for FT and BR too. We also have 8 FT Nationals shoots and 5 BR Opens.

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