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    Jan 6, 2014
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    I am in real need of help I have started missing every stander and can't understand why as about 6 months ago could not miss one if I tried. I used to shoot a lot of 10m and LSR but my FT scores are being held back now like today missed all standers but finished on 32. I have not changed anything in my rig but do use a fixed x32 mk4 which I think is the reason behind it all any help or advice as to drills stance to try and get them back.
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    Apr 28, 2009
    So you were using the 32x when you were getting all the standers 6 months ago? So not sure why it's that?

    I'm no World Champ so a better guy may come along and say everything I'm saying is b0ll0x ... but I'll just think out loud ...

    Psychologically are you 100% happy with the fixed 32x? Any thoughts that you've seen others using vari mag scopes and they range on very high mag but shoot standers on lower mag ( 20x or even 16 or 10 )? If you've convinced yourself that you need a different scope then that could be a problem.

    Also psychologically ... it's usually the less stable positions like kneelers, and particularly standers, where you can be all in tune one minute ( one season, series ) and then it's all gone pear shape and you can't knock one down for love or money. Once you start missing them it gets in your head and it can become a mental issue where you come to a standing lane, and are already thinking you've missed these two as you haven't hit a stander for ages. That's fatal for technique. So mentally you have to try and approach the standers with the mentality that it's not important whether they go down or not. Whether they go down or not is of no concern of yours. What is of concern to you is that you execute the shots to the best of your technique. Once you have pulled that trigger and held on follow through that's your job done.

    Physically ... do you have a partner that you shoot with regularly that may have noticed that you are taking standers slightly differently? Is there a top shooter or coach at your club that can have a look at you? Test match cricketers can be playing a certain shot one series and everytime they play it they hit the ball for 4. Next series they get out everytime they play that shot. They have the advantage of being able to look at video coverage and be able to spot that their foot may be in slightly a different position. They correct that and they are hitting the fours again. So maybe practice standers for a while but don't get frustrated if you are missing. Use the practice to look at your technique and position and see if you can see/feel anything that you may be doing slightly differently than you used to. Ask partners, top shooter or club coach if they can see anything different or amiss.

    Good luck ... I'm sure it will come back and you'll be knocking the standers down again soon.
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