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Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by sjburgon, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. sjburgon

    sjburgon Member

    Oct 31, 2011
    Pontefract ( P.A.R.C)
    Ok .. Ive just got myself a nice protarget which I have been after for a while for my collection. I have got my eye on a nice second hand anchutz palm rest which I have seen on these before for use as a hamster for my FT which would be an easy fix.Not been one for an easy fix I would prefer a nice bit of wood and in the past have always bought a Jev hamster and fixings for rail on my steyr and ar20. I wondered what everyone else has done with there pro targetsand if you have used the stock bolt as a fixing point ect. and what they look like finished. I was going to let Warren take a look and see what he can come up with but thought I would ask the good members of this forum for the best solution and if you have a pic that would be even better...Any suggestions ?

    Cheers in advance Simon

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