Gp 7 emley moor list up to today

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    skelmanthorpe ,west yorkshire,emley moor ftc
    Gp 7 entries 23-7-2009
    tony cook
    jonathan hawes
    liz moy
    cedric smith
    william bakeyfield
    roger moy
    kevin sayers
    alan chambers
    andrew slade
    p hodgkiss
    paula schofield
    russ sneddon
    russ spencer
    neil marklew
    stephen cope
    mick chapman
    pete moore
    jamie fisher
    pete dutton
    ian harford
    john callaghan
    richard shaw
    carl davies
    stuart hancox
    neil daniels
    dave schofield
    john bytheway
    andy williams
    bert hill
    lee marshall
    john lee
    clive marsh
    mick tromans
    andrew coleman
    scot robinson
    jim nee
    david purcell
    justin wood
    phil james
    chris jones
    shane crompton
    rick mintoft
    andrew gillott
    sam monkman

    paul yates
    james griffiths
    stuart alexander
    dave penman
    des edwards
    peter montanez
    michael g cotter
    darren moore
    kate green
    bobby banks
    carl hill
    rob maltas
    steve mason
    ashley holloway
    paul ekins
    ian taylor
    alan holloway
    robbie black
    dave jowett
    john cox
    graham easton
    robert walker
    mitchel tomes
    geoff hawes
    john walker
    darren tomes
    stuart johnson
    steve hebblethwaite
    stephen holmes
    stacey mallory

    steve wilson

    steve swift

    debbie clarke
    beryl noon
    roy boliver
    karl clarke
    mike noon
    john costello
    james osbourne
    jono noon
    steve page
    shaun shore
    hugh osbourne
    bob tarran
    simon higgins
    lyndeen calvert
    tony haas
    simon evans
    mick kelly
    dave cooling
    clive graham
    glen newman
    darren burrows
    martha jones
    shaun richardson
    wayne mitchell
    sam barr
    brian samson
    chris cundy
    b -oneill
    mark brewitt
    trevor ryan
    d- hill
    martin hancock
    josh wilson
    r - oneill
    richard green
    chris large
    c - hill
    mark bassett
    rob farnworth
    bill musslewhite
    fred stanbridge
    dave taylor
    tony fouracres
    jenny taylor
    clinton bedding
    jonathan saunders
    jonathan crocker
    stan kempton
    mick brown
    gregory ralph
    andy calpin
    nick murphy
    chris sockalingam
    steve catch
    marc fisher
    jerry dowdall
    wayne wood
    dave harrison
    phil testall
    kevin cresswell
    rob long
    dave oaks
    chris guy
    philip johansen
    derek bendon
    jim lindley
    jeremy saffin
    simon pattle
    peter rowley
    anthony johnson
    david robinson
    mark wilson
    andrew newbould
    neil woodhead
    val szulc
    jezz finnimore
    tom anton
    jack harris
    andy burgess
    joanne phipps
    phil gee
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