Gift for Nicky after the treetops fall

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    Hi folks,

    As most of you are now aware Nicola Pearson is currently in the Royal Gwent Hospital awaiting an operation after a very unfortunate freak fall at the treetops UKAHFT which left her with multiple fractures to her left leg.

    She's in good spirits all things considered, but is understandably getting very fed up. Her operation has now been scheduled for Thursday afternoon; still a few days away, but I know she's glad to finally have a definite surgery slot rather than being on constant hold just-in-case.

    Various people have asked me if we'd like to get her some sort of pressie to cheer her up, and there is one thing we can consider....

    Every year there is an event called the "Oddball Challenge". this is a 2-day comp especially for that much maligned of creatures, the Chinese Airgun. This year the event is being held in Suffolk (Nicki's home county), so her ears pricked up when I said I'd be going along.

    Now, those of you who know myself and Nicki will be aware that our airgun collections cover rather different areas. Nicki has a very hi-tech hi-spec ensemble of tricked up PCP's in custom stocks with Leups and Burris's.
    Most of mine are pre-War (Boer) with wibbly sights.
    She's spent more on a set of scope mounts than I've spent on an entire rifle.

    So, Nicky doesn't have a Chinese rifle.... but she's very eager to get her paws on one.
    Before the unfortunate tumble she was already musing if it was possible to V-Mach a Westlake.
    She called me from the hospital this morning and asked me to see if anything *interesting* had come up for sale.
    SO... would people like to contribute to a Get-Well-Soon-Nicky-Chinese-Airgun present? I have no set idea how we do this, I can take straight contributions and we can buy her a brand new one, or if someone has a potential piece they're looking to sell we can look at that. I don't think she has set desires on a particular springer or C02 model, she's just looking for something she can have a tinker with and abit of fun on the day.
    The Oddball Challenge is on July 9th and 10th, so by then she should be back to full health and raring to go again.

    Any thoughts?
    Anne :)

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