Gauntlet R4 scores 26 June 2011

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by Dave Ramshead, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Dave Ramshead

    Dave Ramshead England HFT Team squatter

    Apr 16, 2009
    Preston, Lancs
    Rivington Riflemen
    Thanks to the team at Furness for laying on their first Gauntlet comp and also to the owners of Crabtree shooting ground for allowing the event to be run there. It's a great new addition to the North West Gauntlet series.

    Scores below.

    Well done to Rivi on another round win, there's 2 shot's in the team event now which is the closest it's ever been after 4 rounds.

    Congrats to Sam Oultram (top Junior), Dave Martin (Oddball) and Rose hudson (Sponsored Bonus Bunny Voucher)

    Name Club Class score
    Dave Ramshead TV Open 58
    James McLachlan RR Open 58
    Dave Benyon TV Open 57
    Ray Ross RR Open 57
    Andy Jones TV Open 57
    Mark Dixon FO Open 57
    Steve Taylor RR Open 57
    Ian Whiteside OL Open 57
    Ian Paul RR Open 57
    Lee Meadows RR Open 56
    Sam Oultram RR Jnr 56
    Phil Sharples RR Open 56
    Mark Wilson FM Open 56
    Bruno Aiello OL Open 56
    Jim Harney OL Open 56
    Rose Hudson RR Open 56
    Simon Howarth TV Open 56
    John Oldroyd RR Open 55
    Samie Ramshead TV Open 55
    Steve Oultram RR Open 55
    Dave Wilson RR Open 55
    Danny Jones FO Open 55
    Graeme Cave OL Open 54
    Dewie J Hughes FO Open 54
    Bill Jones FO Open 54
    Dave Martin HG Odd 54
    Mark Leck TV Open 54
    Ian Unsworth TV Open 53
    Harry Compton TV Open 53
    Simon Downes FO Open 53
    Geoff Watkinson TV Open 53
    Mike O'Connor OL Open 53
    Steve Goacher FM Open 52
    Simon Harrison TV Odd 52
    John Morgan OL Open 52
    Kieran Lewis FO Jnr 51
    Elliot Compton TV Jnr 51
    Alisdair Swindells Odd 51
    Derek Whittingham TV Open 51
    John Rawnsley RR Open 50
    Julian Thomas FO Open 50
    Paul Thelwell FO Open 50
    Kodie Collings FM Open 50
    D Howie FM Open 50
    Mick McTighe HG Open 49
    Alan Laurikietis OL Open 49
    Brian Heaps RR Open 49
    Tracy Shearing FO Open 49
    Paul Livesey OL Open 48
    Shane Hughes FO Open 48
    Peter Bently FM Odd 47
    Karyn McFarlane RR Open 47
    Tim Backhouse TV Open 47
    Joe Downes FO Jnr 46
    Gareth Hughes FO Open 46
    Alf Howarth RR Open 46
    Dave Robinson FM Open 45
    John Sawrey FO Open 45
    Andrew Cave OL Open 44
    Max Livesey OL Jnr 44
    Richard Swindells Odd 43
    Alan Meadows RR Open 43
    Roger Arnold FM Open 43
    Ray Mitchell FO Open 43
    Ken Gould HG Open 42
    Barry Sayer Odd 42
    David Gaskell RR Odd 42
    Andy McLachlan RR Odd 41
    Jeff Dixon FM Odd 41
    Rachel Unsworth TV Jnr 40
    John Sayer Odd 40
    Steve Roe RR Open 40
    Tommy Russell FM Open 40
    Ben Sawrey FM Open 40
    Steve Mcfarlane RR Open 39
    Brian Dunning OL Open 36
  2. raygun

    raygun Non member

    Thanks for doing the scores so quickly Dave.

    Big thanks to Furness Marksmen for their first Gauntlet Round.

    Very nice place situated on a mountainside (they have Goats you know :D). It's great having a new venue to shoot.
    Well done guys and galls :)

  3. D Martin

    D Martin Non member

    Cheers Dave and a big thanks the the hosting club or clubs in this case for another cracking round.

  4. blocko

    blocko New Member

    Jun 29, 2009
    newton-le-willows merseyside
    furness gauntlet

    well done rivi lads just sorry i could not make it.:(
    good shooting guys.

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