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    Still getting a few asking me how it works.

    Gathering explained

    The Gathering is UKAHFT’s annual end of season competition and is the only UKAHFT competition where pre-qualification is a must for entry.

    Qualification is based on a round by round basis, it would be simple to have the top 90 shooters in the league shoot but we feel this takes away the excitement from an individual event. Shooters who improve over the season, or who are prevented by commitments or illness from competing over the whole season, can still qualify by putting in a good performance in a round. However it is unfair for a “casual” to deprive a steadfast supporter of a place, so 4 rounds must be shot to earn a place.

    The top 10 in R1 & then top 9 “non-qualified” open shooters from each round will qualify for the gathering, making 82 open qualifiers. The top 2 from the overall springer, junior (9-13 & 14-16) and .22 will also qualify. Please note that although non-open places are reserved, the Gathering is an Open format competition. This gives 90 competitors shooting a 30 target course, with trophies for the top 3 and a memento for all qualifiers. For the All comers there will be trophies for the top 3 and a Junior trophy.

    This is an important point in understanding qualification. As soon as a shooter is qualified they cease to exist in qualification calculations, and when calculating qualifiers their name is wiped from the scoreboard in that round. For example

    Round 1

    Top 10 Qualify

    1. Albert
    2. Brian
    3. Charles
    4. Dave
    5. Eddie
    6. Fred
    7. George
    8. Harry
    9. Johnny
    10. Jack

    Round 2

    9 Qualify

    1. Ian
    2. Charles
    3. John
    4. George
    5. Kate
    6. Len
    7. Mike
    8. Norman
    9. Albert
    10. Oscar
    11. Harry
    12. Frank
    13. Rick

    Ian down to Rik qualifies as the pre-qualifiers are removed (highlighted), and in turn they will be removed from Round 3 onwards.

    As the competition goes on obviously a lower and lower place will result in qualification, which we feel gives an incentive for less experienced shooters to keep trying. An extra incentive is the “Wild Card” entry. After all rounds have been shot some qualifiers will not be able to make the Gathering and some won’t make the minimum 4 shoots and be disqualified. These places will be allocated to deserving shooters at the discretion of UKAHFT

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