Fwb P70 - Why Are Some Owners NUTS about them ?

Discussion in 'FWB' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. JasonGoldsmith66

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    Oct 31, 2009
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    Written in 1997, by Brad Troyer...

    Seen & reread again last nite, and the penny dropped :eek:

    Thats why I love the Fwb P70Ft ! - "Its the 'lock time' you dimwit " I said to myself ! :D :rolleyes:

    This explains in some part the love for the trigger action crisp release AND, why Its considered a thumb tacking machine !


    ..."Shooting good groups with the P70 is due partly to it's excellent accuracy. Another big reason is the very low lock time. I started to really notice the lock time when I started plinking during my testing. I sat down and sighted in at 50 yards. When the trigger broke, I noted where the crosshairs were on the target. To my surprise, the pellets were landing at the last position I saw the crosshairs. One reason for the short locktime is due to the short stroke. This is the distance the striker must move to impact and knock open the valve. Most other precharge guns have about a 12 mm travel while the P70 has only a 3.7 mm travel. The shorter 16.6" barrel also contributes to the short lock time."....

    Anybody have any stats on 'lock times' for todays - Steyrs, Walthers, AAs etc.. ? - as a comparison ?

  2. poison dwarf

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    I think most of the euro p70's have the longer barrel. (mine doesn't) :)
    Lock time difference would be of interest. :D
  3. maestro

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    Don't forget that Brad Troyer can shoot very well... I've found that it's easy to shoot 15 mm groups at 55 yards when the follow through is perfect - and it's also easy to shoot out of the 40 mm kill if the shooting technique isn't totally perfect until the last detail...

    Maybe a shorter barrel would help to turn the rifle more allowing because it definitely punishes even the smallest momental weakness of the shooter. Once I've tried a Daystate GP, man that had a short lock time not the FWB.

    But the trigger is really superb. I'm using it set to a 1-stage direct trigger, about 70 grams weight and it breaks as I think at it but never accidentally.
  4. Jon

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    Nov 1, 2008
    Nr Wolvo
    To be honest since 92 when first made my own rifles and perfected the short stroke without side effects, i never ever used to follow through. 5 years on still find it difficult to do so with a modded 9003 but have to same with the P70FT and Steyrs.

    Stroke on a P70 is 3.5mm. First gun made 1.4mm stroke mechanically, very close to electronic Daystate prototypes but used to draw blood cocking it after 20 odd shots:D
    Used to lose the great Mick Dawes on this.

    All 10M guns with proper 2 stage triggers come set as a single stage from factory.

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