Fwb P70 Vs. Walther LG300 XT - Iris distance

Discussion in 'FWB' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Another reference picture...

    With butt pads in 'normal'- non extended position, there is a 4cm distance shortfall on the Fwb. for these 10m airguns.

    Hence, adding the butt pad extenders (previous thread) might be a good idea for the Fwb P70 FT gun...but shall see when I get them & bolt them on...am already thinking there is an issue on the short stumpy Fwb cheek rest :( ....and eye / scope alignment & ocular distance...which may mean sourcing the other type Fwb cheek rest .

    To make it simple in the long run, I figure just sourcing a Fwb laminate and mounting the action on some wood one day ! oh, the joys of tinkering with one's guns to find the right fit :D

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    ignore it...

    set the rifle up once you have a solid 10m position without sights... then put the rearsight where that suits best performance. Many will be looking for the max 60mm from centre of foresight to bore centre anyway, so risers are quite common. Then with glasses, it needs to be in the right place... but the body comes first and the rifle is made to fit it...

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