Furnace Mill Rose Bowl round 8 30/8/15

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    Furnace Mill
    Thank you to all of you that came to Furnace Mill today, it's amazing how many of you make the effort to travel so far to come here. This always gives us such a great feeling and is very much appreciated.

    It was great that we only had one very brief stop just to check one target.

    Thank you to all that helped with the course setting and the marshalling, especially Mikmon. Thanks to Bill, Mitch,Kev and Mikmon for also hanging around and winding all of the strings in.

    Well done to Darrin for taking the honours with a great score of 57.

    £46 Bonus Bunny - Ken Swift

    Next shoot is on the 20th September hope to see you there. All scores on count-back.

    Darrin Lynn 57
    Karl Guest 56
    Dave Hunter 56
    Daryl Bell 55
    Elliott Compton 54
    Stuart James 54
    Nigel Smith 54
    Mick Fern 54
    Jason Bressington 53
    Kev Brooks 52
    Ken Pothecary 52
    Phil Tombs 52
    Mik Monaghan 52
    Mick Boswell 52
    Simon Renalds 51
    Andy Wheeldon 51
    Andy Dickson 51
    Chris Cheyne 51
    Ryan Ashman 51
    Matt Taylor 51
    Bill Birch 50
    Matt Hipkiss 50
    Harry Compton 50
    Kev Clarke 49
    Graham Cole 49
    Stew Powell 49 Recoiling
    Dave Freeman 48
    Mitch Birch 47 Junior
    Mike Birkett 47
    Silly Garry 46
    Tom Croft 46
    Geoff Jones 45
    Karl Pot 43 Recoiling
    Pete Muir 42
    Davis Bracer 41 Recoiling
    Davy Thomas 41 Recoiling
    Ken Swift 40
    Mike Sara 39 Recoiling
    Jon Oakley 38
    Si Pittaway 38 .22
    Mark Ramsey 36
    Mark Stanley 36 Recoiling
    Jack Muir 36 Junior
    Mark Upton 13 Recoiling
    Scott Marshall DNF
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