Furnace Mill New Year Extreme Results 2/1/16

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by furnace mill, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. furnace mill

    furnace mill Member

    Jan 17, 2010
    wyre forest
    Furnace Mill
    Furnace Mill New Year Extreme Results 2/1/16

    A very wet day at Furnace Mill today. Thanks to the guys that braved the rain to shoot today, hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Thanks to Mikmon, Bill and Mitch for staying to help get the strings in.

    Here are the very wet and soggy scores. Done on count back

    Mick Boswell 61
    Phil Tombs 55
    Kev Clarke 55
    Richard Halford 53
    Matt Pritchard 49
    Ken Swift 47
    Mitch Birch 49
    Jon Myatt 44
    John Clarke 44
    Chris Pritchard 40

    Darrin Lynn 53 4th place overall
    Geoff Jones 52 6th place overall
    Perry Broad 52 7th place overall
    Mikmon 44
    Ed Brown 42
    Ian Sheppard 37
    Bill Birch 36

    Let the keyboard battles begin!!!
  2. chrispp

    chrispp Member

    Mar 28, 2009
    Well it was a great day Ed, thanks to you and Jane for letting us shoot on your break. Thanks to all involved in setting up much appreciated. Got to say congrats to Milek for a win which will be one to remember in history. Fair play to the springer shooters enjoyable to watch and listen.

    No excuses from me as norn shot crap with a ailment which I am now suffering and in agony.

    Must add you sure there were kill zones on some of the targets ? If so no bigger than a nail hole ! The myth of me not shooting in the rain has been well and truly tested today I left with a bad neck and PI £ £Ed wet through but would love to do it all again. Thanks again Ed really great day

  3. hiptonic

    hiptonic Member

    Dec 1, 2014
    Furnace mill
    Wet and soggy extreme

    Im sat by the fire starting to get some feeling back in my body after the total drenching ! All my clothes have been washed and dried, gun stripped and cleaned, oiled, and put away in the safe. Gun bag put ready for the skip ! ( it will never dry ) glove and clam beside me drying out as well. My partner for the day was Kenny. What a couple of drips !! We squelched our way through the course. I can't speak for Ken but I enjoyed every moment of it ! Thanks to all the other nutters that took part in the extreme aqua event ! Loads of fun shooting the dots on the distant targets. Thanks.Ed and Jane can't wait to do it again !! IN THE SUMMER SUN !!!
  4. subaru swift

    subaru swift Active Member

    Apr 2, 2010
    stoke on trent & bromsgrove
    Kingsley HFT & Furnace mill.
    it was fun shooting with you Geoff ( hiptonic), even in that much rain that went straight through my clothes ! why did I \ we bother to use a shooting mat to lie on. I too have cleaned & dried my rifle as it was soaked today, oh well it was worth it. also my pellet clam \ grove is now dry but thank god I kept my rifle bag in the car as that would have taken a few days to dry :D.

    yet another cracking day at the mill cheers to Ed etc. well done too Mick some good shooting there, & to the rest of the folks who braved it today. plus next time I will have to bring a springer down too.
    I had a not a bad score seeing as I could not see through my glasses ( my excuse ), I will remove them next time in that much rain ha-ha.
  5. johnd1

    johnd1 New Member

    Aug 4, 2013
    south wales
    quarry hunters &furnace mill

    thanks ed and jane for another enjoyable(if damp)day the course was just as hard as it was first time and thanks to all the shooters for the usual warm welcome.much appreciated

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