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    Aug 19, 2010
    Fort AGC
    The Fort GP concluded it's 2011 series with a great seventh and final round yesterday. After 7 rounds the Open class couldn't have been tighter and finished with Dave Benyon being the winner by just 0.2 of a % point from Dave Ramshead. Well done Dave!(s)

    In the Recoiling Class the clear winner was Ian Roberts

    The Junior section was taken with a well deserved win from Elliott Compton

    The .22 was won by Brian Lewis.

    Congratulation on your wins guys, and well done to all who shot in this competition, you made it the success it was. This was a great and enjoyable competition held over two different venues but I think all will agree that Fort's new home is just the job.
  2. A.C.

    A.C. Non member

    Well done on everything Brian. Ell throughly enjoyed the series as did H, even though he can be a tad grumpy most if not all of the time. The open section was very close with Dave Benyon just pipping Dave Ramshead. Am I right in thinking Tracy won the ladies? My vote for most improved would be either Mark, yourself, Simon Downes or possibly Ian Roberts all for different reasons but all just as valid.
    I'd like to thank you for the effort you have put into the site and the scores this year, well pretty much ever since I have known you but this year has seen it escalate some.
    Regards Andrew
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