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    Hi all,

    It's that time again... it would be handy to know this asap so we can tie up all the finances and get on with team gear!

    What I need to know is if you wish to attend the opening dinner (15 Euros) and the final dinner (25 Euros) (drinks not inc).

    Each has paid £100 which should cover your 60 euro entry, your 15 euro licence fee, and transfer/exchange rate you might not have to stump up anything more, but we won't know the final bill until we do the final transfer. It would most likely be only a small amount extra in that event. If you don't wish to attend, then you may be due for some back. But we figured most if not all would want to do one or both... but please let me know either way asap.

    Also, please let me know chest size, and for non team members, if you do not wish to buy any clothing. We'll work out some options but it helps to know what people may or may not want to do. I've found a different supplier of gear (it's very nice), but I'll need precise numbers and sizes to get a precise quote with some options.

    A thread called Operation Crossbow has details of how I'm getting there, and where I'm staying... it might be handy if people share their own details with others as there may be car/room sharing opportunities to be had.

    I will also work out how we approach the license paperwork. If it's possible to centralise it I'll endeavour to do so.

    Here's the final list of shooters from EFTA

    PCP Team (8)

    Simon Ayers
    Andy Calpin
    John Costello
    Andrew Gillott
    Matt Hirst
    Phil Lawrence
    Craig McDonald
    Dave Schofield

    Springer Team (5)

    Rob Farnworth
    Paul James
    Neil Rogers
    Brian Samson
    Mick Woodhead

    Individual Shooters (8)

    Dan Eley
    Deborah Clarke
    Lyndeen Calvert
    Paul Dunwoody
    Paula Schofield
    Sam Barr
    Scott Robinson
    Steven Grimshaw

    Cheers all

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