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Discussion in 'Air Arms' started by Steven842, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Steven842

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    Feb 27, 2013
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    Guys I've been researching the rn10 10m rifle .

    However I have the chance of a cheap ev2 and want to know how easy it is to reduce the power to below 6ftlbs .

    And if I reduce the power and set it up would it be accepted at the 10m competitions ?

  2. heidi

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    Jul 31, 2014
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    There is nothing stopping you using a 12ft/lb rifle in 10m competitions and even at 6lb/ft the EV2 would be suitable at competitions. 10m competitions use the dioptre sight set rather than a scope so make sure the EV2 can have those fitted.

    There is no regulation even at Olympic level that states the shooter cannot use an air arms over a Steyr. Anschutz, feinwerkbau or Pardini rifle as long as the rifle can comply with the regulations on weight/length it's fin

  3. sven

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    I think lowering the power is not the biggest problem when converting an EV2 to a 10 meter ISSF rifle. First you do not really need to reduce the power. There is no energy limit in ISSF regulations AG shooting. But you might want to do so to reduce the shot reaction.
    But buying an diopter rear sight and fore sight will easily be around 200 gbp together and that's the cheap ones ( http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/rifle-sights-rearsights-c-44_18.html ). Unless you can find some second hand.
    And do not forget you need to make, or have somebody make you, a rail or muzzle extension to fit the fore sight. The original EV2 muzzle extension has holes in the side and that is NOT allowed under ISSF rules. So the holes need to be closed and a dovetail milled for the front sight. Also make sure the dovetail raises the front sight to the right heigth or the rear sight may run out of adjustment.
    The rear sight will go on the scope rail no problem.
    So cost and availability of a custom made front sight rail may be an issue. But it can be done and you would have a very special 10m rifle that stands out of the crowd. Go ahead I'd say.
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