emley moor monthly hft extreme shoots

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    Nov 8, 2008
    skelmanthorpe ,west yorkshire,emley moor ftc
    Emley moor monthly hunter extreme shoot
    course format, there will be 15 pegs 2 targets to a peg, there will be 6 x 25 mm kills, 4 x 15 mm kills, and 20 x 25 mm -40 mm kills, any size kill at any distance between 8yds and 45 yds, there will be 4 standers 2 will be supported, 4 kneelers 2 will be supported, start time 10.00am entry fee will be £4.00 6 from 9 rounds to count;)
    2nd march 2013
    6th april
    11th may
    1st june
    6th july
    3rd august
    7th september
    5th oct
    2nd nov

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