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EFTF European Championships 2018 Italy

Discussion in 'EFTA Official Forum' started by EFTA, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. EFTA

    EFTA England Field Target Association

    Nov 1, 2017
    Dear EFTF RGBs,

    Dear WFTF RGBs,

    on behalf of the Italian Field Target shooters,

    F.I.D.A.S.C. President Felice Buglione,

    E.F.T.F. President Stanislav Trusakov,

    I am glad to announce the opening of registrations to the European Field Target Championship of 2018 starting the 2nd of January on the event website:


    The 3 day competition ( total 150 targets ) will take place between the 19th to 22nd of July 2018 in the Province of Rome, on the Shooting Grounds of Torre Baccelli, National Center of the Italian Federation of Hunting and Shooting Sports – F.I.D.A.S.C.

    F.I.D.A.S.C. , which has officially recognized Field Target as a sport discipline in 2017, offers the use of the National Shooting and Hunting Center of Torre Baccelli with its 300 hectars area and it will run the event in cooperation with F.T.I. : a public institution that has already hosted World and European Championships in both Rifle and Shotgun Sports together with the experience of our Field Target shooters.

    Welcome dinner is scheduled for Wednesday the 18th of July at 21,00 . Zeroing and Check In will be on Thursday the 19th and shooting will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the Awarding Dinner also starting at 21,00.

    We have decided not to limit the entries: only if the number of registered shooters would unexpectedly exceed that of 300 paid by the 31st of March deadline, we will adapt to a two sessions per day competition.

    This will make the registration process much easier, with no need to reserve places.

    It is very important that each RGB will control the Competitors List regularly, to confirm if registered shooters belong to their associations and if they are Team Members or not.

    The main concern is that of Gun Laws in Italy that consider our 16 joules air rifles as firearms. We will have to issue the Firearm Temporary Importation Permit with the name of the shooter, model and serial number of rifle and this can take up to 90 days for the Police to approve. Therefore we cannot accept any registrations after the 31st of March, not even team members ! If needed, exceptions will only be possible for those who have a European Firearm Passport and don't need the Temporary Permit.

    Wftf / Eftf 2018 rulebook will apply. I have to thank the Eftf Board that has already published the united rulebook on www.eftf.eu . You all know that Wftf 2018 edition is not going to differ much from 2017 and it will be added to Eftc2018 website as soon as your voting round is final.

    We also invite guests from non EFTF RGB members and non European Countries, but they will not be in the competition results and prizes as defined by rule n.4.1.6

    For those RGBs that cannot determine the names of Team Members because of their internal regulations before the registration deadline of 31st of March, they are asked to contact the organization replying to this email.

    With Kind Regards,

    Roberto Menichelli

    Eftc2018 Coordinator
    FTI President
    Fidasc - Field Target Delegate
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