Easter shoot at Springfield ARC

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    Easter Shoot at Springfield ARC Sunday April 4th.

    Entry £5 & golden bunny £1 (opt). Cash Prizes!!.

    Shoot will start at 11/11.20am with a 40 target course BFTA rules (1 for a knockdown, 0 for a miss).

    Targets may be shot in any way/style!

    Prize money dependant on how many entrants in your grade/section (so, prizes for AA, A, B, & C grades FT).

    If enough entrants from the HFT circuit enter they may shoot in their own (mud) pool and score the norm (2 for a knockdown, 1 for a plate) and prizes within this HFT section will be given (more than 5 HFT shooters will be needed to make this section viable).

    Cash prize is divided up according to how many have entered in your grade/discipline.

    Free tea & Coffee on the day.

    For location/further info details, contact Secretary philw.lawrence@googlemail.com 07956 275554

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