DOC day Results

Discussion in 'News and Results' started by stillwater, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. stillwater

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    Apr 16, 2009
    DOC day Results

    A great day was had by all that attended the Daystate Owners club day at Kibworth.
    Many thanks to all the organisers for making it such a fun event.
    The HFH bucket collection brought in £100 so many thanks to everyone for digging deep into their pockets during these hard times:D
    Although it was a close run affair bragging rights went to Daystate by just 5 points:D
    Daystate 545
    ROTW 540
    Special Congratulations to young Greg for showing us all up and getting the highest score of the day. Just a shame you don't shoot a Daystate;):D

    Ian Houghton Daystate 57
    Ryan Martin Daystate 57
    Steve Shaw ROTW 56
    Daniel Smith Daystate 56
    Graham Knighton Daystate 56
    Jamie Chapman ROTW 55
    David Chapman ROTW 55
    Mick Mctighe Daystate 55
    Danny Webb ROTW 55
    Nigel Smith ROTW 55
    Mark Gill Daystate 55
    Greg Hensman Daystate 54
    Dave Martin Daystate 53
    Adam Ward ROTW 53
    Martin Troost ROTW 52
    Les Young Daystate 52
    Nigel Walker ROTW 51
    Malcolm Morris Daystate 50
    Andrew Mead ROTW 50
    Paul Cunningham DAystate 49
    Mick Goss Snr ROTW 49
    Steve Bagnall DAystate 48
    Ian Gregory ROTW 48
    Martin Kirkham ROTW 48
    DAve Hunter Daystate 44
    Andrew Forley Daystate 41
    Paul Jackson Daystate 41
    Chantelle Pears ROTW 38
    Bernard Harris ROTW 37
    Paul Brittain Daystate 36
    Tony Pratt ROTW 34

    Mick Prescott ROTW 49
    LLoyd Upton ROTW 47
    Sarah Prime ROTW 46
    Steve Prime ROTW 40

    Bob Skidmore ROTW 49
    Paul Killington Daystate 47
    Paul Mayhew Daystate 47
    Gail Pears Daystate 36

    Junior 14 and under
    Greg Hensman ROTW 58
    Thomas Jakeson Daystate 37
    Tom Bates ROTW 37
    Austin Morris ROTW 34
  2. Charlts

    Charlts Getting dusty

    Nov 8, 2008
    Well shot young Greg! Showed everyone a clean pair of heels!:D;)


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