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    Supposedly, there seems to be a small chance of getting this gun ???

    "A friend of mine, Alex (Aleksandrs Naumovs < who is a graduate from West Point sent me a very unique rifle. It is the only one in the USA, as of yet. It is a dedicated FT rig and while I have possessed all the Ft rifles available in the market, this one shines through. A lot has been talked about this rifle on various forums, some good, some bad, but mostly hearsay. Suffice to say this review is an outcome of my real world experience with this rifle and while I will only post the facts, the reader may digest it with a grain of salt.

    All things considered, no gun out there can match the Demyan s cocking mechanism, please check out this video that I made, since words cannot express the feeling.

    Unique Features:
    1. Self cocking, single had action, better than a biathlon action
    2. Massive receiver with barrel fixed to it with ample strength
    3. 300 Bar Cylinder results in lots of shots.
    4. 2 manometers, dedicated to the Vessel pressure and Regulator, each
    5. FX type quick fill
    6. Ultra Ergonomic and fully adjustable stock and butt hook
    7. Integrated 20 MOA Compensated Picatinny rail

    At 12 ft/lbs, with a 300 bar cylinder it is rated to give 200 shots per fill. I got about 150 and then got tired of counting. While I like that Demyan has not used any o-ring between the barrel and the breach (like Theoben it is metal to metal fit), the port in the barrel is much smaller that the one in the breach which results in some air being wasted but not much. It does not interfere with the function of the rifle though. The rifle is very accurate. Certainly more that I ever will be. The barrel is fully free floated with in the barrel band quite unlike the HW100. The balance of the rifle is perfect. So are the ergonomics.

    While the fit to the stock is perfect and so is the machining on all metal, the most discouraging thing about the rifle is its finish since it is vapourblasted and not anodized. You could rub your bare hand on it and it gets spoiled. I don't know why Demyan is not anodizing the metal. I see that he has done so with his other rifles except this one. That being said, the Stock and the Breach block are all high precision CNC machined and the trigger components are all EDM cut and case hardened to Rockwell c58-60

    The trigger is not as good as the Steyr 110 LG but is not bad by any means. It is crisp and predictable. Much better than the Theoben match trigger by far. I love the unique feature of the rifle where I can read pressures both in the vessel and the regulator. Very smart thought and very handy.

    Speaking of the regulator, it is very consistent with the maximum average spread of +-6.
    It shoots 10.65gr .177 H&N s @ 780 fps on average. Virtue of a long 550mm barrel. The rifle weighs in at 8 pounds without the scope.

    It is extremely hard to get this rifle out of Russia but Alex is working on it. If you would like to possess this unique machine please contact Alex directly using the email posted above. "


    Pics and video of the gun here :


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