DEMYAN - "All That Glitters is NOT Gold" !

Discussion in 'Others' started by JasonGoldsmith66, Sep 5, 2010.

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    :( What a I had been hankering after the "M2 FT"

    As Its certainly the OPPOSITE of Edgun, which is also a Russian company - hats off to you guys at Edgun - Quality control & happy customers...even though I dont own an Edgun yet...can I get a freebie Ed ????? PM me and I'll send you my UK address :D

    DEMYAN: Teething intermittent problems with quality control, some happy as bunny customers, and some..well, quite pissed off & :mad: & :shot:

    So I am jolly glad I have found a Russian forum , telling it as it is.

    You need to use Google Translator to understand what the heck is going on at Demyan...

    1. Nice mods or product launches:

    2. REALITY CHECK:,22507 (reminds me of that BSA Quality control thread ! )

    3. In Fairness: ...whatever those target groupings say...:rolleyes:

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