HFT Daystate Midland Hunter Series @ Tall Trees 12/01/20

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  1. fatty

    fatty Active Member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Wigston, Leicestershire
    A great day at Tall Trees saw the weather hold off with breaks of sun throughout. Tricky winds and some challenging targets took many scalps but Shooting Mum, Kathy Thompson stood a cut above to take the win with a cracking 58. Other notable scores among many included Karen Louise O'mara taking the ladies win on 52 after her return from winter hibernation and both Frank Peterek and Keith Warburton taking top spots in the recoiling with 53s

    Thanks to Tubbs and Steve Whiting for the course and to Joanne Jo Thorpe and team for the food.

    See you all next month at Loughborough on 9th February for round 5.

    Bonus Bunny winners
    Kevin Gaunt £30
    Theresa-Marie Reed £20
    Kevin Scott £20
    Mark Taylor £20
    Mike Lewis Jo's Food Voucher

    Name Class Score
    Kathy Thompson Open 58
    Theresa Reed Open 57 CB
    Mick Fern Open 57 CB
    Ian Howarth Open 57 CB
    Ian Millward Open 55
    Elliott Compton Open 55
    Jason Cowan Open 55
    Richard Jones Open 55
    Rob Bates Open 54
    Harry Compton Open 54
    Liam Todd Open 54
    Darren Crofts Open 53
    Ken Swift Open 53
    Phil Soper Open 53
    Jake Miller Open 53
    Glenn Walsh Open 53
    Chris Hall Open 53
    Mike Lewis Open 52
    Rick White Open 52
    John Cooper Open 52
    Steve Whiting Open 52
    Mark Taylor Open 52
    Matt Green Open 51
    Simon Howarth Open 51
    Mark Thompson Open 51
    Greg Hensman Open 51
    Brian Samson Open 51
    Gordon Burns Open 51
    Simon Minney Open 51
    Kevin Gaunt Open 50
    Ian Ree Open 50
    Phil White Open 49
    Steve Elkingotn Open 49
    Dariusz Mozczynski Open 49
    Joff Haigh Open 49
    Kevin Scott Open 49
    Steve O'Mara Open 48
    Nigel Gill Open 48
    Andy Hope Open 48
    Ross O'Brien Open 48
    Steve Lloyd Open 47
    Josh Sprakes Open 47
    Nigel Smith Open 47
    Andrius Gedminas Open 46
    Richard Entwistle Open 45
    Gary King Open 45
    Mick Dakin Open 45
    Martyn Cooke Open 44
    Wayne Marriott Open 43
    Dave Freeman Open 43
    Simon Honeysett Open 42
    Nick Parker Open 41
    Gary Brown Open 41
    Jason Edis Open 41
    Stuart Smith Open 36
    Matt Furlong Open DNF

    Andrew Dickson 0.22 47

    Thomas Bristow Junior 47
    Emily Smith Junior 45

    Karen O'Mara Ladies 52
    Megan Bilton Ladies 46 CB
    Marie Sharp Ladies 46 CB
    Jo Thorpe Ladies 42

    Frank Peterek Recoil 53 CB
    Keith Warburton Recoil 53 CB
    Dan Gordon Recoil 52
    Perry Broad Recoil 51
    Andy Day Recoil 47
    Nick Stanhope Recoil 47
    Nick Aldridge Recoil 44
    Nick Aldridge Recoil 42
    Richard Tinker Recoil 41
    John Bartrum Recoil 41
    Matt Taylor Recoil 40
    Jake Day Recoil 35

    Graham Cole Veterans 53
    Frank Lloyd Veterans 51
    Geoff Jones Veterans 50
    Bernard Greasly Veterans 49
    Michael Towler Veterans 49
    Victor Thomas Veterans 47
    Bob Clay Veterans 46
    Simon Harrison Veterans 46
    Rob Shepperson Veterans 45
    Steve Cartledge Veterans 45
    Keith Pimblott Veterans 45
    Jim Stimpson Veterans 43
    Alan Sutcliffe Veterans 41
  2. Glass Eye

    Glass Eye Member

    Nov 2, 2014
    Well done Frank Fantastic shooting buddy keep it up.
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  3. subaru swift

    subaru swift I don't have a solution, I just love the problem.

    Apr 2, 2010
    stoke on trent & bromsgrove
    Kingsley HFT & Furnace mill.
    Nice one Kathy top shooting, & the other class winners also.

    Thanks all for a cracking day out, that wind defo kept me on my toes, & that mud! o_O.
    Liam fair play to you by not using a mat, nice going around with you & super old man Steve'c. & cheers Jo etc for the food.
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  4. Bensile

    Bensile Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2013
    Emley moor
    Hi Ken,

    Honestly you should see my skin now after that mud pack. Still not sure where the warm mud came from.

    Thanks for the company really enjoyed today with you and Steve.

    Well done to the tall trees crew for setting out that interesting course.

    Great shooting by the winners we’ll done and to the Team shoot winners right now nothing in between the top 3 teams and 2 rounds to go.
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