Daystate Huntsman / Grand Prix HFT/FT Series 2011

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    The Daystate Huntsman / Grand Prix HFT/FT Series 2011will be hosted by New Caledonian ARC - Team Daystate (Scotland)on the following dates -

    Round 1 - Sunday 30th January 2011

    Round 2 - Sunday 20th February 2011

    Round 3 - Sunday 13th March 2011
    ](Please Note - Round 3 may be posponed/cancelled as not to clash with possible Westfield Charity Shoot TBC)

    These events will be 50 Target Courses shot in two legs of 25
    and can be shot either HFT style off pegs or sitting FT style.
    Entrants can also opt to shoot each leg either in a different discipline or category.
    For example
    Shoot 25 HFT then Shoot 25 FT
    Shoot 25 HFT with PCP then Shoot 25 HFT with Springer
    or just come along and shoot it for Fun/Practice

    Course will consist of
    10 Targets 40mm Kill 45-55 yrds
    22 Targets 20-40mm Kill 25-45 yrds
    10 Targets 15mm Kill 13-25 yrds
    4 Supported Standing/Kneeling 25mm Kill 8-25 yrds (FT Shoot Unsupported)
    4 Unsupported Standing/Kneeling 40mm Kill 25-35 yrds

    Scoring will be
    HFT - 2 points for Kill, 1 point for Plate, 0 points for Miss
    FT - 2 points for Kill, 0 points for Plate or Miss
    Maximum total for both disciplines and/or combined disciplines is 100 Points.

    The Overall Winner will be best Point Scores from any 2 of the 3 Rounds and will
    receive a limited edition New Caledonian ARC - Team Daystate (Scotland) Cupand a Jack Pyke - English Oak Camo Shirt from our Sponsors.

    Entrants can also shoot course as often as they like from 11am till 3pm
    (Note - However only leg 1 and leg 2 scores will count towards standings)

    Sign in / Plinking Range from 10am.

    The New Callie Burger Babes will also be in attendance for your culinary requirements.

    As a token of our Thanks for the Support we received at our shoots in 2010 the price for these shoots will be only £2

    We look forward to seeing you at these events and at our forthcoming HFT & FT Shoots in 2011.

    On behalf of the Members of

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