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Discussion in 'General Airgun Chat' started by baldini, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. baldini

    baldini Member

    Dec 2, 2009
    Has anyone shot a Daystate grandprix, if so what did you think, good or bad?
  2. Big Dave

    Big Dave New Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    Hayes, Middx
    My son loves it. I find it mechanically noisy, sort of clunks as it's fired. It has been back to the factory twice, First it had a sticky filler valve and shroud was fouling the cylinder, which caused zero shift. Second time to fix a chrono fault. It is heavy but I find it well balanced.
  3. Steve Hebby

    Steve Hebby Beware the Chair

    Dec 21, 2008
    Redfearn FTC
    Hi Mate,

    I bought my first one about 18 months ago and had a few problems with power fluctuations. It went back to Daystate a couple of times but the problem came back. After the problem occured a third time Daystate replaced it with another new one but after a couple of weeks the replacement one started with the same problem so I finished up getting my money back. The thing was, when they were shooting right they were excellent for accuracy, power consistency and the stock fitted me perfectly. The trigger takes some getting used to because as you know its operating a micro switch but you soon get used to it. After trying several guns (including Walther's and Steyr's) which for some reason I could not settle with, I recently (in December 09) bought another GP:eek: but this time it was after I had made a few enquiries with current owners of GPs, where I was assured that all the earlier problems had now been sorted and I felt further assured by the Daystate 3 year warranty ( 5 years if bought from BAR) that it was time to try the GP again. To date it has performed perfectly (now had over 3000 shots through it) and acheived my highest score of the season in the last NEFTA winter league shoot I competed in, so at the moment I am very happy with it:);)

  4. Scoch

    Scoch HOW!!!

    Sep 22, 2009
    Dundee, Scotland
    Tayside Airgun Club
    Picked one up the other day and it feels very good, not as heavy as i expected. Thinking of selling my Steyr as I have ordered one and it should be here end of march.
  5. Scott in CO

    Scott in CO New Member

    Feb 24, 2010
    CO, USA
    Hi there,

    I've got a FAC Grand Prix in .20 cal. Best thing about the gun is that stock. Absolutely brilliant design. Couldn't be more comfortable, IMO and the balance is perfect. I'm looking into modifying my GP stock it so my old MK3 will fit!:D

    But my gun has had its share of problems. Its been back to the factory once, and that was a VERY painful 5 month round trip from here in the US...:( I've given up on the MVT function since I see much more consistent velocity strings while shooting the gun in MCT mode. And in MCT mode I don't have to waste the first 3 shots of every fill waiting for the gun to learn my velocity setting (this may not be an issue at 12fpe). And the gun still performs properly in MCT mode even when the chrono sensors fail (happened a few times now)...

    Accuracy is good to great, but I still go with my steyr for FT competition...


    Scott in CO

  6. RobF

    RobF Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    I found it very top heavy... and didn't like the stock for FT. I think it's a combination of the action being high in the stock and an FT scope on top... found it very difficult to keep still. Despite that, it shot well, much less kick than the Walther, and the trigger felt better than a Mk3. Where ever the crosshairs were on launch was where the pellet went... i just couldn't keep them still.

    You mileage may vary.

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