Daystate Break-in

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    Have taken the liberty of copying this from the Airgun BBS, thought as many people as possible should see it.

    Break-in at Daystate


    Just to let readers of this forum know that, unfortunately, we have joined the ranks of the increasing list of breaking-ins to airgun companies and shops.

    Last night the lower workshop area of Daystate was broken into and a number of air rifles stolen from the packing area. This included some older rifles which were back for service. I think we have now contacted all of their owners. we will of course replace these with new rifles of the same type as soon as possible.

    Quite a bit of damage was done and so we have spent the whole day repairing the building as well as reams of paperwork and interviews. Please bear with us while we catch up.

    A full list of the rifles are as follows:

    item calibre stock serial number scope

    X2 SPORTS 0.22 SPORTER X2013 YES

    MK4 0.177 SPORTER MK4-3398

    AIR WOLF 0.22 AMBI AW0891

    MK4 0.177 SPORTER MK4-3275

    AIR WOLF 0.22 AMBI MVT-2152

    MK4 0.22 NO MK4-3112

    MK4 0.22 NO MK4-3079

    GRAND PRIX 0.177 NO GP-51

    AIR WOLF 0.22 AMBI AW1570

    AIR RANGER 0.22 AMBI SB2024

    AIR RANGER 0.22 AMBI SB0737

    MERLYN 0.22 SPORTS M-508

    AIR WOLF 0.22 AMBI MVT-2278

    MK3 RT 0.22 TH MK3-0319

    All the best

    Tony Belas (Daystate MD)

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