CSFTA Winter League Round 4 at the Buccaneers

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    CSFTA Winter League Round 4 at the Buccaneers

    Plenty of preparation had gone into the the place by the Buccs for their first ever winter league shoot to ensure it was as good as possible, and they didn't get it wrong.

    Making good use of the limitations of the ground in some areas with reducers, testing positionals and target positions kept everyone on edge as the wind played it's part even on close range full size kills. Once the ground allowed more distance to be used, the opportunity wasn't wasted and the 50+ yd targets appeared, but not enough to turn the course into a tour de force. Just enough to stop a clearance in mild conditions, but plenty enough there for all grades to enjoy. Just right, and backed up by the numerous compliments from experienced shooters.

    Dave Godwin from Bisley set the early pace with a 38 ex 40, a considerable effort considering the tricky conditions and course, with Terry Ord matching his efforts, and Tim Goodall making it a 3 way tie later in the day. Lyndeen Calvert once again was on form with a 37 with B grade, equalling James Woodhead and Ashley Hollowaay. Keith Pitman and Helen England used the most of their local knowlege and skill to be one shot behind, showing that CSFTA has quite some depth at the moment... here's wondering if we can get all cylinders firing for the inter-regionals!

    It's starting to look tight in most of the grades. AA is by no means over, but Tim has a strong % lead at the moment, which isn't impossible to catch, but will require some effort. Ashley has his work cut out in A to catch Clinton though. Dan Privett is looking very strong in B grade, but 2nd place is too close to call, with Chris Roberts putting in another class busting C grade score to lead the way.

    There's some pics of the day here, and as ever Alan has got the scores up fast here

    Next week sees us all at Bisley, with just 2 rounds left it is mostly all to play for, and the pressure is on to either catch up or hold out ahead. See you all there :D

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