CSFTA Winter League - Carisbrooke Round 6

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    Thats it, apart from the Showdown in 2 weeks, final round has happened for the region which culminated on the Isle of Wight for the Carisbrooke hosted shoot. This year the dreaded field was not put into play so the course ran from the edge of the copse through to the other side.

    Weather had played its part as well, rain meant the ground was a bit mushy under foot in places caused the setters out to adjust the firing line to make it a little bit drier in places. Carisbrooke know how to break you in gently though, lane 1 a pair of standers at around 15 and 25yds on the edge of the copse were the wind blew across from the north. Followed by a reducer and a long target with the firing point slightly sheltered by the trees but the second target placed on the edge of an open area. Lane 3 had the only full distance target on the course and with the wind gusting could blow the pellets just a little or a lot.

    The next 8 lanes weaved further into the woods with a short high kneeler and a mixture of high reducers and medium to long targets. These lanes were in the more open area of the woods. Lane 12 had the targets 180 degrees from the previous one but also a change from L-R lanes to R-L. The longer of target on this lane caught a few out with the windicator suggesting a strong wind but actually hardly moving at the target itself. (Just ask Rob :confused: ). A couple of more lanes in the same direction starting to go up the incline and a chance to shoot the wrong target with some times 3 targets visible and the incline possibly making shooting position uncomfortable for lefties with the feet slightly higher than the beanbag.

    Shooting line moved again to the direction of the first part but this time the righties had their feet higher, got to keep things balanced :D . The last lane on this side also had the bonus shot a 35yd reduced faceplate target. Mainly the misses by the hopst club members but inspection of the target afterwards showed at 6 people had luck on their side as well going by the half pellet marks round the edges. Final 4 lanes were shot slightly down hill with the last lane being a standing one and the target 38 shortish but up a tree in a 50 gallon barrel (Picture of it here.

    Weather played its part on the day staying mostly dry until just 1ish when the heavens open and the last few pairs of shooters got a bit of a soaking.

    James Woodhead and Rob Farnsworth got pulled out of the tin for the prizes for the bonus shot.

    So now a weekend of preparation before the Showdown on the 13th March at Bisley.

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