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    Well done to everyone who shot at Southampton Buccaneers Field Target. As already mentioned, the course seemed about right for the (very!) windy conditions so many thanks to the Buccs team for putting out a great course again and to Geoffrey and Stephen who gave me cake and coffee whilst I inputted the scores .

    Thanks to everyone, from the shooters to the course setters and everyone else behind the scenes, who helped make it a great CSFTA Winter League.

    Congratulations to all of our winners detailed below, official results attached.

    Gary Wells winner: Steve Privett

    AA Grade
    1st Steve Privett
    2nd Tim Goodall
    3rd Justin Wood

    A Grade
    1st Terry Holt
    2nd Ashley Holloway
    3rd David Page-Starr

    B Grade
    1st Paul Whitehouse
    2nd Peter Terry
    3rd Michael Woodhead

    C Grade
    1st Bethany Pitman
    2nd Richard Bright
    3rd Steve Merrett

    1st Bisley 1
    2nd North Oxon
    3rd Bisley 2

    Most Improved: Paul Whitehouse

    Best New Shooter: Graham Westbrook

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