Countryman fairs after dark series at mad results

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    Countryman Fairs After Dark Series

    Countryman fairs series was a good shoot tonight ,nice to see three new chaps visiting our club for the first time hope they all enjoyed themselves
    Scores on the doors with handicap included

    Name Score
    2 Simon Vant 37 [ shoot-off winner ]
    3 Barry Smith 37 [ wtf is barry smith? ]
    4 Doppa 36
    5 Ian Bainbridge 34
    6 D. Maun 34
    7 T. Bohr 34
    8 G. Chillingwoeth 33
    9 S. Parker 32
    10 L. Davis 31
    11 D. W. Maun 31
    12 R. Bailey 31
    13 R. Laity 30 [wtf is roger laity?]
    14 D. Quincey 30 [wtf my gun, darren quincey?]
    15 S. Simpson 29
    16 W. Marriot 27 [used the gun and kicked his arsssse ]
    17 J. Lowe 24

    Hope you all enjoyed it ,you have to be keen and love the sport to come out in the weather that was about yeserday but i;ll say it again thats what this club is all about ,good fun and banter .

    A happy new year to one and all
    This is not one of my jobs but ray was tucked up in bed [hope you get well for sunday and the new year ] and every-one else went to the pub after the shoot so sorry its late. Ian.
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