Clubs Cup Combined Challenge at Anston

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    SIMONH Giddy Kid

    Apr 16, 2009
    Club based head to head knock out style competition.

    Squad to consist of 3 X HFT and 3 X FT shooters from each club.

    2 of each will shoot each round.

    Teams to be put into a hat and drawn out at the beginning of the day i.e. team 1 against team 2 and so on. No more draws will be made.

    Each round a team progesses, the team has to swap 1 X HFT and 1 X FT shooter and no one person can shoot more than two successive rounds.

    2 shots per lane. 1 minute per lane (timed). X plus 0 scoring system.

    2 standers and 2 kneelers each course.

    Mini kills at HFT distances and 55 yard maximum range.

    FT shooters will shoot against FT shooters and HFT shooter against HFT shooters.

    20 shot courses made up of 16 + 4 bonus shot lane.

    Bonus Lane - After 16 shots have been taken teams can confur on how the scores stand. This will give teams a chance of clawing a few points back if they are behind. All 4 shots are taken from within a tent so no one knows the shooting position that the shooter has used to take the shot. Shooter will enter the tent one at a time and be marshalled by one non shooter from each team. 2 minutes (from eye to scope) will be allowed to take the shot. The scoring will be 0 points for a miss, 1 point if hit taken prone, 2 points if hit taken kneeling and 3 points if hit taken standing. All 4 shooters from each team to do the bonus lane.

    Either 8 or 16 clubs to be entered. If you can form a team and wish to enter and haven't already told us then please let us know

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