Charity Bell Target Event by the Shrewsbury League

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  1. Belltarget

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    Feb 26, 2010
    An Open Invertation to all Bell-target Shooters

    I am in the process of organising a Bell Target Charity Shoot in aid of the Air Ambulance to take place on 11th September 2011 at the NALGO Social Club, Shire hall, Shrewsbury.
    I hope to make it an all day event, with 10 targets. Lots of space for lots of Teams.
    The format of this shoot will have some subtle variations to the normal league team shoot. A team shall comprise of 5 shooters, BUT, ONE person must be a NOVICE.(see rules and regulations).
    The score obtained by the Novice is to be doubled and added to the scores of the other Four team members giving a total Team score.
    The monies promised to all the team members is to be added giving a total sponsorship. This sum is to be multiplied by the total team score. The resultant of this calculation will be Trophy Winners. I anticipate there being other awards!
    All donations will be given to the Air Ambulance, The Polar Bear League will fund the Shoot.
    Rules and Regulations.
    1. These shall be as per those for the Shrewsbury & District Air Rifle Association Bell Target League and will be placed on the table in front of each firing point, UNLESS otherwise stated below.
    2. All team members MUST be sponsored, otherwise the team is NOT eligible for the final calculation.
    3. A Range Officer (Appointed by the organisers) will be responsible for the safety on the firing point. Any dispute is put to the Shrewsbury & District A/R League Commettee their descision is final.
    4. Course of fire, Seven shots to count preceded if required by ONE sighter. The team will shoot one after the other in any order they wish with in the allotted time. Coaching is allowed.
    5. Scoring, a clean shot is 5.1, touching rim is 5 i.e. as per Bell target scoring
    6. A detail will be 45 minuets duration with 15 minuets change over time.
    7. The Novice
    a) should be any one who is not registered with a bell target league;
    b) is not an air rifle shooter;
    c) should be over 14 years of age, and accompanied by an adult;
    d) may make use of a support ( supplied by the organisers)
    e) with in the meaning of the word!
    General Conditions
    Insurance:- If you do not have an up to date Air Gun Membership card then the insurance is £1 payable on registration
    All donations are to be received by the Shrewsbury & District A/R Ass. League s. treasurer NOT later than the 1st October 2011 On that day monies received will be used for the final calculation. Cheques to made payable to Shrewsbury & District A/R Ass. League
    The presentation of Trophies etc. is to be arranged with The Air Ambulance at a place and date suitable to them Mid October ish!
    Team entry forms and sponsor sheets will be sent to any club or persons that would like to participate.
    Please contact the Shrewsbury Secretary Ian Smythe for further information:-
    e-mail or ring 01734 821 690
    post to 19, Brookside Gardens, Yockleton, Shrewsbury, SY5 9PR
    The principle object of the exercise is to raise money for the Air Ambulance and show our Sport to the public as well as to encourage new-comers.
  2. RobF

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    Mar 4, 2010
    New Forest, Hampshire
    Parkstone Gun Club, South Dorset FTC, Southampton Buccaneers
    Cool... will see if i can make it up and take some shots :)

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