Castle Cyril Julian Memorial Results

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    Hi All

    Sorry this is a couple of days late. A good day was had by all, great course shot in very strong winds. The results are as follows.

    AA Grade

    36 A Gillott
    35 N Daniels
    33 M Brewitt (After Shoot Off)
    33 M Fisher (After Shoot Off)
    32 Nick Murphy
    30 S Cope
    30 A Fekete-Moro
    26 M Pitt

    A Grade

    31 A Johnson
    30 J Callaghan
    29 R Long (After Shoot Off)
    29 D Lindley (After Shoot Off)
    25 P Rowley
    24 M Slack
    22 C Meads
    22 A Bain
    22 D Jeffrey

    B Grade

    27 S Gregory (After Shoot Off)
    27 A Gough (After Shoot Off)
    26 M Wharton
    25 D Broughton
    25 J Hall
    24 D Bull
    24 P Lilley
    22 L Houseman
    22 T Baker
    19 P Flinders
    17 R Scott

    C Grade

    25 D Allen
    20 T Clamp (After Shoot Off)
    20 S Whiting (After Shoot Off)
    14 P Booth
    11 M Barnes
    8 P Dutton

    Thanks to all for setting up and putting the course away again.


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