Cambs HFT results March 23rd

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    Cambs HFT results March 23rd

    Its been a while since we ve had a full ‘four-seasons-in-a-day shoot, and today came pretty blooming close. Painfully close with those conker sized hailstones.
    As most of us arrived we d been through rain at some level, from a short sharp shower to constant drizzle, but at the start of the comp we were in bright (if a tad breezy) sunshine. By about the midway point though the sky had gone ominously dark… and then it started. Initially we thought it was just a shower, until the large frozen lumps started bouncing up off of the ground at you. First time we ve ever had a ceasefire because an ice storm has rendered visibility inoperable.

    Congratulations to all those who bravely ventured through it, red noses and white fingers abound. Our thanks to Sue and Ben for manning the catering van; never have coffee and burgers been so gratefully sought!

    Jeff Westley 50
    Clive Presland 50
    Ralph Presland 48
    Jack Houghton 46
    Nigel Fleet 44
    Jon Houghton 44
    Glen Pickard 41
    Ken Philips 41
    Donald Hartness 41
    Andy Ireland 39
    Roger Brigham 38
    James Free 38
    Colin Sykes 38
    Martin Slane 36
    Richard Blackshire 34
    Richard Lander 31
    John Gamston 31
    Des Morris 31
    Liam Ellis 30
    Mark Gamston 30
    Malcolm Hyde 30
    Ralph Currie 26
    Lewis Cooper DNF
    John Cooper DNF
    Mick Salmon DNF

    Anne Higgins 43
    Rex Bennett 42
    Phil Russell 39
    Steve Martin 37
    Steve Youngs 35

    Lee Hartness 34
    Ben Topham 32

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