Cambs HFT results Dec. 22nd

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    Happy Christmas everyone!​

    It was a festive if freezing shoot at Shepreth this morning with a superb turnout given the impending gales and (brief) hailstorm. It was a Cambs rules course for our last shoot of the year, so no limits on kill sizes and distances, hence that really small one way out in the field. Actually hence *all* those really small ones everywhere.
    With the biting wind howling through the trees you can see how challenging a course it was; not a single score in the 50’s in the open and in .22 we all failed to get to 40!
    Top score of the day was Simon Jones with a superb 49 despite having to be pulled around the course on his mat as he’d put his back out, and special mention to Kyle with a cracking 46 in recoiling.
    This was round 3 of the Phoenix challenge too, only this time Keith W had lent me his spare Mk.2 as I wasn’t sure about the power consistency in the Mk.1. It seemed to work anyway and I’ve managed to pull back one round so Keith’s now leading 2:1. ;)

    We hope you all enjoy your raffle prizes (the caravan looked like a storefront for Bargain Booze at the start), and look forward to seeing everyone in 2014. :)

    Simon Jones 49
    Jeff Westley 48
    Simon Vant 47
    Alex Larkin 45
    Chris Boulton 45
    Ray Hampton 44
    Wayne Pearce 44
    Ian Seddon 44
    Nigel Fleet 43
    Clive Presland 43
    Martin Slane 42
    Stu Deeks 41
    Matt Rawlings 41
    Richard Bailey 41
    Gary Chillingworth 40
    Jack Houghton 39
    Mick Salmon 39
    Andy Ireland 38
    Colin Wilson 37
    Jon Houghton 36
    Chris Sandford 36
    Neil Wakelin 35
    Finn Cochrane 35
    Paul Bolam 35
    Jonathan Hobbs 33
    Richard Smith 33
    Richard Crow 32
    Ross Smith 31
    Richard Lander 31
    Dave Clarke 30
    Dean Auger 30
    Alex Honeywell DNF

    Jill Cochrane 42
    Jean Greatrex 42
    Becky Rawlings 41
    Brigitte Vant 39
    Larissa Sykes 37
    Verity Youngs 28

    Kyle Hampton 46
    Dan Measures 41
    Rex Bennett 40
    Carl Smith 36
    Phil Russell 35
    Martin Thomson 34
    Kevin Turner 32
    Lee Hurst 29
    Chris Wells 29
    Ralph Currie 25
    Piers Honeywell DNF

    Steve Youngs 39
    Colin Sykes 34
    Anne Higgins 33
    James Stephens 32
    Justin Rhone 31
    Keith Warburton 30
    Des Morris 29
    Paul Goldsmith 29

    Olly Fleet 37
    Jonathan Chidzoi 36
    Emily Jones 33

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