Cambs HFT April 12th

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    Cambridge HFT April 12th 2015

    IT WAS SUNNY!!!!
    Okay there was a wee bit of a wind about but… IT WAS SUNNY!!!!
    No sleet, snow, hail or rain :)
    Quite unheard of at an April shoot in Cambridge. Consequently many of us were bewildered by this unnatural occurrence, hence the splattering of scores. It was absolutely positively nothing to do with that howling 40mph wind that was hurtling through the woods scattering pellets and shooters alike in its wake.
    For those travelling down from wood 2 to wood 1 the journey took up to two days, yet many travelling up from wood 1 to wood 2 found they d arrived before they d even set off in the first place.

    Congratulations to all our members who shot in the Worlds; we managed to get placings in every class! And good luck to those shooting at Quarry in the Nationals. We ll have a club shoot as usual on the 26th to Cambs rules so hope to see the rest of you then.

    Steve Willingham 49
    Simon Vant 49
    Chris Boulton 49
    Simon Jones 48
    John Houghton 47
    Steve Edmondson 47
    Jeff Westley 46
    Clive Presland 45
    Mark McCarthy 45
    Ian Bainbridge 44
    Ray Hampton 44
    Paul Wetton 43
    Andy Yates 43
    Liz Osman 43
    Lee Anderson 42
    Jack Houghton 42
    Nigel Fleet 42
    Jill Cochrane 42
    Kristian Kovacs 42
    Andy Ireland 42
    Jonathan Hobbs 41
    Finn Cochrane 41
    Alex Honeywell 41
    Steve McCloy 40
    Dean Auger 40
    Mike Isaac 39
    Richard Blackshire 39
    Matt Rawlings 38
    Steve Martin 38
    James Free 38
    Mick Salmon 36
    Martin Slane 36
    Ken Philips 35
    Richard Lander 35
    John Wheeler 35
    Dave Nichols 35
    Dave George 35
    Brian Tyndall 33
    Bob Brand 29
    Matt Mosley 28
    Alan Measures 24
    Rob Olsen 23

    Steve Youngs 41
    Kev Turner 35
    Pierce Honeywell 30
    Ralph Currie 29
    Steve Paviger 5

    Dan Measures 44
    Rex Bennet 44
    Jake Day 37
    Anne Higgins 37
    Keith Warburton 36
    Andy Day 36
    Matt Goodson 34
    Tom Willingham 32
    Phil Russell 31
    Joe Petit 24

    Olly Fleet 36
    Jared Bennet 21
    Aaron Day 18

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