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    Cambridge Summer Safari July 2014

    What is it with weekends in July? I seem to recall the last Safari culminated in a monsoon too.

    This was Cambridge HFT s annual 2-day extravaganza; a 40-shot course to UK spec on the Saturday afternoon and then a 30-shot Cambridge rules course on the Sunday.

    Lets start with the Saturday shoot. The weather at this point was verging on tropical. Humidity was nigh on 99.9%, the sun was beating down on us and an army of midges the size of bats had descended on us. Nice. Even a liberal marinating in Deet didn t seem to put them off.

    How different Sunday could be…. Chances are if you re reading this Sunday evening various garments of your clothing are still quietly steaming and there s tufts of kitchen roll poking out from your rifle breech.
    The BBC weather site said “light showers†around 12pm. What came down at 11:15am could in no way be described as either “light†or a “showerâ€.
    When the shoot started at 10:45am the sun was bearing down on us with a furious heat… hence most peoples waterproofs being left in the cars.

    Within the space of a few minutes the ground became a river of mud and we were absolutely saturated.
    Trudging from one wood to the other we passed other shooters, all of us looking like stand ins for a remake of “The Creature from the Black Lagoonâ€.

    So, a big *thank you* to all those who tempted fate again by coming to our infamous “Summer†shoot and braving the best of British weather.

    Hopefully the meteorological gods will be kinder to us for the next shoot; we ll be sacrificing a sausage later to try and sway the odds.

    Here s the results:

    SATURDAY 40-shot shoot

    Gary Chillingworth 72
    Anne Higgins 72
    Jeff Westley 72
    Phil Russell 71
    Jill Cochrane 70
    Andy Ireland 68
    John Houghton 68
    Jack Houghton 68
    Finn Cochrane 65
    Graham Mason 65
    Martin Slane 63
    Ralph Currie 60
    Alan Sultano 59
    Mark Gamston 59
    Keith Warburton 59
    Jonathan Hobbs 58
    Roger Brigham 57
    John Gamston 52

    Matt Rawlings 67
    Dean Auger 57
    Justin Rhone 54

    Andy Day 63
    Jake Day 60
    Becky Rawlings 60
    Alex Bye 50
    Andy Yates 46
    Jim Leman 47

    Nia Preston 52


    Matt Rawlings 54
    Jill Cochrane 52
    Jon Houghton 52
    Ralph Presland 50
    Martin Slane 49
    Jonathan Hobbs 49
    Jake Day 48
    Jack Houghton 47
    Jeff Westley 47
    Anne Higgins 46
    Clive Presland 46
    Mick Salmon 46
    Finn Cochrane 45
    Roger Brigham 44
    Phil Russell 44
    Andy Ireland 44
    Graham Mason 44
    Colin Sykes 43
    Mark McCarthy 43
    Liam Ellis 42
    Ken Philipps 42
    Ralph Currie 41
    Gordon Smith 39

    Justin Rhone 45
    Wayne Pearce 45
    Des Morris 44
    Steve Youngs 41
    Dean Auger 40

    Becky Rawlings 49
    Andy Day 44
    Dan Measures 44
    Alex Bye 42
    Steve Martin 40

    Jo Cogger 48

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