Cambridge Summer Safari Fun Shoot July 7th results

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    Cambridge Summer Safari Fun Shoot July 7th

    31 Brave souls ventured out for this afternoons 15-target fun shoot, and in the end the weather was very kind to us. It tipped it down in the hours before, but as kick off approached the blue skies came out and we were treated to very little breeze.

    Simon “clear round†Jones 30
    Andy Day 28
    Kevin Turner 27 (.22)
    Matt Rawlins 27
    Steven Edmondson 27
    Anne Higgins 27
    Justin Rhone 26
    Martin Slane 26
    Jonathan Chidzoi 26 (jnr)
    Dan Measures 26
    Chris Boulton 25
    Stu Deeks 25
    Nick Yates 25
    Phil Russell 25
    Gill Cochrane 24
    Becky Rawlins 24 (jnr)
    Wayne Pearce 24
    Jeff Westley 24
    Mick Salmon 24
    Finn Cochrane 23
    Roger Brigham 23
    Steve Youngs 23 (.22)
    Tom Nelson 23 (.22)
    Grant Williams 23
    Ollie Fleet 22 (jnr)
    Charlotte Edmondson 21 (jnr)
    Emily Jones 21 (jnr)
    Will Russell 20
    Aaron Day 19 (jnr)
    Holly Deeks 19 (jnr)
    Nigel Fleet 18

    The big shoot is tomorrow morning (Sunday 8th) at usual time, and for those night owls viewing this the Saturday evening shoot kicks off this evening around 9:30pm so there s still time to dig out your wellies…


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